Recovering Your RAID

recoveringyraidInformation has always run the world. People want it, people need it and there is usually someone who has it. If no one has it, someone can go out and get it. If you run a business of any size you’re going to have a lot of data that you want to be always accessible and that you want to keep protected. There are a lot of different set ups you can have in order to have your operation running smoothly and to help protect yourself from the variety of digital problems you might encounter.

They say that being in a digital world is supposed to make our lives easier. It’s created more jobs and it’s created an idea of instant accessibility. People expect to be able to get their information whenever they want it and however they want it. If a business wants to keep up they need to make sure that they are prepared for any type of problem they could encounter.

If you’ve got a RAID set up then you need to ensure that you know exactly how to circumvent any issues that may arise. You need to have a plan in case one or multiple parts of your hard drive become inoperable. But maybe your business is small and you don’t have a dedicated IT department. Or maybe your business is large but your IT department isn’t as trained in dealing with RAID set ups. This happens a lot more than people realize, according to the Storage Networking Industry Association’s Data Management Forum. It’s not the easiest thing to do if you are not sure what a RAID system is or maybe you have an idea but it’s not exactly something you’re very comfortable with.

This is where a professional RAID recovery company can help you. When you’re doing your research you need to make sure you find a company that specializes in RAID recovery. This is really important because there are many hard drive recovery companies out there but not all of them are familiar with the RAID set ups. The only time you might be alright using a regular hard drive recovery system is if you are using RAID 1 in your servers. Since RAID 1 is basically just two hard drives with the exact same information on them by using a mirror system, you might be okay going to a regular hard drive data recovery company.

If you are using RAID 10, RAID 5 or even RAID 0 you’ll want to make sure you take it to people who know what they’re doing. Places that specialize in RAID recovery will understand the various reasons for your data being inaccessible. There are different reasons for RAID failures, such as operator error, controller failures, and controller software failures on top of the basic physical and logistical failures that can afflict other hard drives.

A RAID recovery company will have technicians who are trained to deal with the various configurations each RAID system can employ to reduce redundancy on critical applications such as Microsoft Exchange servers or Oracle database servers. Restoring these servers can almost mean life or death for many companies and businesses. A specialized RAID recovery company will understand that this is extremely important data and they will treat it as the number one priority it is. Companies like this will employ technicians with the experience of recovering RAID systems and they will have a proper clean room in order to ensure that your data does not get additionally compromised while they are trying to repair the issue. It’s definitely ill-advised to attempt the recovery yourself if you have a dual hard drive failure. In this instance a RAID recovery company will save you time, effort and money in the long run.

Who wouldn’t rather leave it to professionals?

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