Stop Panic Attacks By Writing A Diary

spabwdEach person in this world is afraid of something. Most of the people are afraid of dying. But for some people, thinking about death makes them to panic. In addition, if they think about losing someone they love, they may get a panic attack. Such severe reactions can be stopped by few simple steps. Treatment is simple but a person needs to be patient. If a person wants to stop panic attacks, he or she needs to be firm in that decision and the results will show up soon.

Panic attacks are usually related to some kind of fear, says Jon Mathers of health website Licence To Heal. If a person has bad memories from childhood, or if there …

Killer Creativity Exercises

I had just finished reading Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings’s The Yearling and had decided once and for all that I wanted to be a writer. I was in the sixth grade. The fastest route to my goal, it seemed to me at the time, was The Famous Writers School. I had seen an ad for it in the back of one of my parents’ magazines. You could send away for a test, then mail it in and a real writer would look at it to see if you had any talent. If you did, you would be “permitted” to enroll in a correspondence course and become a Famous Writer yourself.

I sent away for it. When the test came, I

Writing For The Web Can Be Lucrative

In the past two years, freelance assignments have taken me to some interesting places: I’ve hiked the steaming caldera of a Hawaiian volcano, snorkeled the world’s deepest spring, rappelled into an Alabama cave, and held a piece of ALH 84001, the famous rock from Mars. I’ve written about these adventures at the average rate of a dollar per word.

So what, you ask? Isn’t this the sort of fun freelance writers have always bragged about?

Well, yes and no.

What’s unusual in my case (but quickly getting to be the norm) is that none of the stories I wrote about these adventures ever appeared on a printed page. They were published on the World Wide Web, Le Matin, in

Why First Person Non-Fiction Is Dubious

Okay, let me deal with the hypocrisy thing first, before you even think of it. What you’re reading here is a column, necessarily opinionated in places and inevitably calling for use of the first person. So don’t wince, don’t write, nasty letters, don’t send me “practice what you preach” e-mails when you see “I…I…I” herein.

Because I am about to raise the alarm about what seems to be a creeping epidemic of first-personism in contemporary American nonfiction writing. I’m not talking about columns, personal essays or other forms where the first-person perspective is welcome, even expected. No, I’m raising the proverbial red flag about the intrusion of I into otherwise straightforward journalism.

nwThe examples I’ll cite are culled from some

Let’s Talk Savannah!

Like a Southern belle dressed for a ball, Savannah simply looks its finest in April and May. Around every corner, 100-year-old live oaks, filigreed wrought-iron balconies, horse-drawn carriages, and postage-stamp gardens flirt with the imagination. Azaleas burst into bloom, and the dogwoods and lilacs begin their showy seasonal display, transforming this historic river town into one big, beautiful garden show. And with temperatures in the mid-70s, springtime is the perfect time to breeze into town for a weekend of exploring.

Founded in 1733 as one of America’s first planned municipalities, Savannah remains a wonderful walking city. Laid out in a classic grid pattern, the city center incorporates grand thoroughfares, residential side streets, and 21 oasis-like public squares endowed with …

How Writers Tackle Adult And Young Adult Audiences

But, although the area of common enjoyment is, I think, growing larger, there are still no-go areas on both sides. Few adults, for instance, would read Louisa Alcott these days; she is too sanctimonious, too quick to point a moral, though her plots and characters are still full of life, and young readers, girls especially, are still held by them. Few readers under twenty undertake Marcel Proust or Henry James with much enjoyment, because the action is too slow, the emphasis lies in character analysis.

wsloiThere is one rule that still holds firm: In a story for young readers, the action must be swift, continuous, and immediately gripping. I was proud to find myself recently included in the new Oxford …

Stop Snoring Mouthpieces Beat CPAP Every Time

A mouthpiece like this can be huge for snorers.

A mouthpiece like this can be huge for snorers.

Snoring is a horrible problem in anyone’s life, the person doing the snoring and the one sleeping next to the snorer. Snoring also has some devastating health consequences associated with it. Sleep is a crucial life giving element that human beings need to survive. It is as important as water. The dangers of sleep deprivation can take a drastic toll on a person’s life. Snoring has been linked to many serious if not fatal health conditions from heart disease to depression It is now known that people whose snoring is caused by sleep apnea have a 40% greater chance of dying than people who don’t.

Given those statistics, it is crucial …

Recovering Your RAID

recoveringyraidInformation has always run the world. People want it, people need it and there is usually someone who has it. If no one has it, someone can go out and get it. If you run a business of any size you’re going to have a lot of data that you want to be always accessible and that you want to keep protected. There are a lot of different set ups you can have in order to have your operation running smoothly and to help protect yourself from the variety of digital problems you might encounter.

They say that being in a digital world is supposed to make our lives easier. It’s created more jobs and it’s created an idea of …

Description Remains A Key Art For Good Writers

When college students discuss their interpretations of a work of literature, their way of looking at it tells us more about them than the work; the work is a mirror, a blank slate onto which readers project their own ideas. This is what keeps the best literature endlessly fascinating. Twenty students can walk away from a seemingly straightforward event with twenty different conclusions. Even more interesting, these same readers may have a different take on the same piece of literature one year later. In that year, they will have read many other things, have been exposed to many new life experiences and have changed as people. Even more so after five years. It can be an entirely different book for …

Ingredients To Include Into Breakfast That Will Cure Rheumatoid Arthritis

itibSome experts say that there is no diet that can heal the rheumatoid arthritis, but the truth is that certain ingredients may reduce the RA symptoms. Maybe you will not be completely cured, but if you manage to help your body to stop the disease from further progress, that will also mean something. If you notice that certain food is making you feel better, you may include them into your diet for rheumatoid arthritis. There is one thing you can start from today. Try to pay more attention to your breakfast. Some people don’t eat at all in the morning, but that is a mistake. Breakfast is the most important meal in a day, so if you skip it, your …